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Expert Consultants

Over 10 years of experience in helping clients finding comprehensive solutions.

Welcome to the Zog Global

Get expert consultancy and support with Zog Global, an advisory firm that stand by your side always.

IT Consulting

Solution for every IT related problems, readily
and skillfully.

Network Management

Manage a network for fault and performance using various tools and technologies to keep up with the IT requirements.

IT Infrastructure

Scan, map, physical traces and elements necessary to validate a complete overview of your Infrastructure Security.

Biometric Product suite

Experience unparalleled service, from beginning
to final construction.

Awesome Team

We dedicated to assisting the business clients in running their commercial ventures with more efficiency.

Excellent Support

If you face any trouble, you can always let our dedicated support team help you. They are ready for you 24/7.

Faster Performance

We develop a systematic well-ordered process of analysis, from concept through implementation.

Our Services

IT Consulting

As one of the world’s largest accountancy networks, we helps a diverse range of clients with a diverse range of needs.This is especially true of our Advisory Practice.

VOIP design

Explains the components involved in a simple VoIP architecture. Designing and implementing a VoIP network is complex business

Proxy service

To help you understand what this road looks like, we surveyed 1165 services across Europe and North America to explore current trends and priorities in.

Special team

Dedicated to assisting the business clients in running their commercial ventures with more efficiency.

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Why Choose Zog Global

We Are Professional

Our company is associated with a team of highly proficient, trained, efficient, and dedicated specialists who have extensively experienced in IT services, data migration, troubleshooting, network management, and integration solution.

We Are Creative

With so many factors to consider when deciding how to characterize your company , wouldn’t it be great to have a group of forward-thinking, well-informed individuals on board who know what they’re doing?

Great Support

The devoted and experienced team provides IT support and all other IT services to large, medium, and small scale business associations and duly assists you to accompliish your commercial objectives.

If you have any query related investment...
we are available 24/7

Things You Get

Creative Support

The devoted and experienced team provides IT support and all other IT services to large, medium, and small scale business associations

Creating Experiences

We cover a large range of creative platforms and digital projects with one purpose: to create experiences.

IT Consulting

We guide you through the pipelines that generate new products with higher potential and lower risk.

IT Boosting

We provide energy-efficient and environmentally conservative solutions to our clients to boost their business.

Strategic Approach

Based on solid strategic framework and real, relevant research, we create prototypes, not presentations.

Logistic Consulting

We work buy side and sell side to give our clienrts hard hitting answers and focus hard on best opportunities.

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Global Leadership

Profile Picture
Reenal Scott
Advertising Consultant

Reenal Scott is the Founder and CEO of Zog Global Ltd, which he started from his dorm room in 2013 with 3 people only.

Profile Picture
Lily Anderson
Activation Consultant

Lily leads Zog Global Ltd UK and oversees the company’s Customer Operations teams supporting millions ofr users.

Profile Picture
Thomas Anderson
Change Management Consultant

As the VP of People, Thomas’s focus lies in the development and optimization of talent retention.

Profile Picture
Legartha Mantana
Brand Management Consultant

As General Counsel of Zog Global Ltd, Tony oversees global legal activities and policies across all aspects.

Profile Picture
John Snow
Business Analyst

John has overseen the meteoric growth while protecting scaling its uniquely creative and culture.

Profile Picture
Ragner Lothbrok
Business Consultant

Ragner, SVP of Engineering, oversees Zog Global Ltd’s vast engineering organization which drives the core programming.

Take the right step,
do the big things.

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